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100 Bodybuilding Tips Breakdown (11 to 20)

100 Bodybuilding Tips Breakdown (11 to 20)
16 Jan

100 Bodybuilding Tips Breakdown

(11 to 20)


*11. Know the difference between setting up an in-home gym versus getting a gym  membership.
Many people find it easier to stay faithful to their routine in a
gym setting. An in-home setting is convenient but poses temptation to slack
off. The presence of other bodybuilders is a motivating force.

*12. If you intend to get a bodybuilding partner, choose someone who has strict
exercise habits and is most unlikely to flake on you. Working out is an
activity that can be enjoyed with someone, especially because you have
someone who can spot on you. However, make sure that you don’t go lazy
once your buddy drops the routine.

*13. Prepare yourself physically, mentally and psycho logically for the task at hand.
Condition your mind that you are capable of achieving a better physique.
Remind yourself your reasons for wanting a better body – be it for strength,
confidence or for physical attractiveness. A good warm-up routine lets your
brain condition your body to the rigors of the training ahead.

*14. Be creative in your strength-training program. The more fun that you have
in your workout, the bigger chance that you are going to stay in the program
long-term. Aside from tips from your trainer, maximize the wealth of
information available in the World Wide Web. Search for tips, watch videos
and exchange ideas on online forums.

*15. Warm-up is not an option but a crucial part of every work out session. It
allows your body to adjust from rest to exercise mode. It increases the body
temperature, which regulates the flow of blood to the muscles to be worked
out. It lessens the occurrence of injury when performed properly.

*16. Warm-up has three levels. Always start your workout session wit h a five- to
ten-minute general body warm-up. Light exercise such as the treadmill
conditions your heart and body for what is ahead. Body-specific warm-up
conditions the flexibility of the muscles by getting exercised at light intensity
before going on full blast. Exercise-specific warm-up introduces the exact
exercise technique to your muscle and lowers resistance.

*17. Stretch after warming up. The benefit s of stretching must not be taken for
granted. It increases flexibility and enhances agility. This enables ease of
transition from one position to another. Stretching encourages muscle growth
by extending the body’s capacity to hold one exercise posit ion after another.
Allot 15 seconds of stretching before performing sets.

*18. No matter what the myths say, you can never turn fat into muscle.  
You cannot work out fat. It is not flexible nor does it control any movement. All it does is
cushion your muscle and hinder it from developing. You have to lose the fat
first to give way to muscle building.

*19. Burn fat through cardio exercises. Fat burning takes place once you get your
heart rate to the correct level. Target heart rate can be calculated using the
Karvonen Formula. Target heart rate depends on one’s age, resting heart rate
and low end of heart rate. Most gyms use target heart calculator for this

*20. Determine which cardio workout approach suits you well. Low intensity
cardio workout, also known as slow and steady, requires 45 minutes to 1 hour
of low intensity workout. This burns fats but not carbohydrates.
High intensity cardio requires 20 to 30 minutes of high intensity workout.
This fires up metabolism and burns fats and carbohydrates.

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