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100 Bodybuilding Tips Breakdown (31 to 40)

100 Bodybuilding Tips Breakdown (31 to 40)
18 Jan

100 Bodybuilding Tips Breakdown

(31 to 40)


*31. Your trainer may know the best in muscle building but when it comes to 
your body, only you should decide.
People sometimes get embarrassed to

inform their trainer that they can lift only lighter than what their trainer
suggests. Following your limits doesn’t make you a wimp; it means you’re
wise enough to listen to your body’s capacity

*32. Respect your body’s ability to recuperate. Do not force yourself to work out
while your muscles are still sore. Doing so doesn’t result in a better physique,
only injuries. As much as you’d wish to stick to your Day 1, 2 and 3 routines,
schedule is only secondary to recovery.

*33. Rest your muscles and let them recuperate. Optimal muscle growth happens
when it is given enough time to rebuild the fibers that were torn during the
exercise. If you do not your body heal, you’d just keep tearing down your
tissues, which is the opposite of your objective – muscle gain.

*34. In every exercise you perform, make sure that your observe proper posture.
This lessens the possibility of an injury while amplifying the results. There is
a tendency to cheat when the training gets difficult by slouching or shifting a
leg’s position for assistance. This should be avoided as improper posture
leads to serious damage such as breaking the spine.

*35. Bench press works out most of the upper body – chest, anterior deltoids and
triceps. How to do: lie on the bench with both feet on the ground and your
back firmly placed on the bench. Un-rack the barbell, lift it across your chest
until your elbows lock then bring it close to your chest. Your hands should be
two to three feet away from each other.

*36. Do not let the barbell bounce off your chest when you do the bench press.
This lowers the resistance and bruises your chest muscles. Use your strength
to control the downward motion. Put rhythm into your exercise. Count to two
as you lower the barbell and one as you lift.

*37. Incline bench press isolates the upper chest muscles while also working out
the anterior deltoids and triceps. The angle of incline should be within the
range of 15 and 30 degrees. Higher incline lessens resistance while lower
inclination removes the focus from the upper chest muscles. As you start, try
varying your angle to determine your comfort level.

*38. How to perform the incline bench press: lie on the bench wit h both feet on the
ground, your lower back securely placed in the angled corner and your back
comfortably resting on the bench. Lift the barbell 6 to 8 inches across your
shoulders and slowly lower it to your chest.

*39. Decline bench press isolates the lower chest muscles while also working out
the outer chest muscles. The angle of decline should be within the range of 20
and 25 degrees. Higher or lower angle removes the focus on your lower chest.
Decline bench press may be alternated with bench press when you hit plateaus
on your routine.

*40. How to perform the decline bench press: place your feet under the bench’s
support for security and resistance. At arms length, lift the barbell across
your shoulder blades. Count to two as you slowly bring the bar to your chest.
Count to one as you lift it back to starting position.


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