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100 Bodybuilding Tips Breakdown (41 to 50)

100 Bodybuilding Tips Breakdown (41 to 50)
19 Jan

100 Bodybuilding Tips Breakdown

(41 to 50)

*41. If you are among the bodybuilders who wish to achieve that striated look on the chest, the cable crossover is a recommended workout. Cable crossover adds definition to the pectoral muscle, especially the outer areas. This exercise is recommended for muscle recovery while taking a break from heavy weight lifting.

*42. How to perform the cable crossover: with each hand, grasp the loop handle attached to the high pulleys and stand between the machine with feet shoulder width  away from each other. Count to two as you slowly bring your hands downwards and towards each other and one as you go back to starting position. The proper posture requires that you lean a little forward from the waist. Keep that position through out the set.

*43. For improved flexibility and recovery, you should take on an exercise that stretches the chest muscles. The dumbbell fly is a recommended workout for shaping the pectoral muscles of the chest. This is not exactly a mass building routine but is instead a great supplement to muscle definition with the stress it places on body.

*44. How to perform the dumbbell fly: Hold a pair of equal weight dumbbells, lie flat on a bench, slightly bend your elbows and stretch your arms out to the side. Grasp the dumbbells with your palms facing upward. Inhale as you pull your arms together; exhale as you go back to starting position.

*45. Your arms are worked out as you perform chest and back exercises.  Some people are already content with this kind of gain. However, if you want more developed arms, bear in mind that arm muscles are more than just biceps and triceps. You should aim to train the muscles from your wrist up to the tips of your arm.

*46. Arm exercise is not exactly popular for its fat burning benefits. However, it is a sought-after program because the arms are among the noticeable parts of a person’s body. Well-defined arms are attractive on any gender as it gives the impression of strength and confidence. For arms that are too flabby, it is best to lose the flab first through cardio exercises.

*47. If you intend to tone your arms, work out your arm muscles at different angles. By making full use of your arms’ strength, you maximize their mass gain potential. Remember to observe correct posture and breathing techniques. Anything less, especially attempts to assist the weight lifting efforts, decreases muscle resistance.

*48. Barbell curl is a great bicep exercise as it works the whole biceps and also the forearm. Bodybuilders favor this exercise as it builds the overall size of the biceps. To do: with palms facing up and your hands shoulder width apart, grip the barbell and slowly bring it to your chest.

*49. When doing the barbell curl, inhale as you pull the bar up to your chest and exhale as you return to the starting position. Do not bend your back or you’ll damage your spine. Do not lean forward either as it cuts the range of the motion. Do not rush the set, speed is useless and doesn’t translate to faster progress.

*50. Seated supinating dumbbell curl is a variation of the barbell curl, only that dumbbells are used in place of the barbell. This position allows more bicep contraction because of the absence of the momentum in the standing posit ion. You have the option of doing both arms at the same time or alternating your left and right.


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