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100 Bodybuilding Tips Breakdown (51 to 60)

100 Bodybuilding Tips Breakdown (51 to 60)
21 Jan

100 Bodybuilding Tips Breakdown

(51 to 60)

*51. How to do the seated supinating dumbbell curl: sit firmly on the
edge of a bench, wit h your palms facing up, hold the dumbbell at arm’s length and
slowly bring it up to your shoulder. You must be able to feel your bicep
contract, indicating resistance. Slowly lower the dumbbell to its starting
posit ion.

*52. Preacher curl focuses on the lower bicep area, which contributes to the bicep
peak. To do: sit on the preacher bench, place your chest against the support
and put your arms on the preacher rack in front of you. With your palms
facing up, slowly bring the barbell to your shoulders and then slowly return to
starting posit ion.

*53. Concentration curl is the most effective in building bicep peaks, giving arms a
more attractive appearance. To do: bend at your torso while standing up, hold
a dumbbell wit h one hand while resting the free arm on your knee. Twist your
wrist as you slowly bring the dumbbell to your arm and then slowly return to
starting posit ion.

*54. Your triceps are responsible for the pushing motion of your arms by extending
your elbow. Developing your triceps adds to the handsome appearance of
your arms and enhances your over-all arm strength. It is important to exercise
both the biceps and the triceps to avoid injuries caused by muscular

*55. Triceps exercises are generally pushing mot ions that involve extending the
elbow. Triceps exercises must be limited to once or twice a week in order to
completely rest the muscles. This does not mean a lag in the development
since the triceps are used in most chest and back exercises.

*56. The lying triceps extension is the most effective way to build up on triceps
mass and strength. Also known as the skull crusher, it fully isolates the triceps
and allows loading up of heavy weights. Heavy weights equate to muscle
growth. Try not having your skull crushed by observing the proper technique
in do ing the lying triceps extension.

*57. How to do the lying triceps extension: lie on the bench wit h your feet planted
on the floor, grip the barbell closely wit h your palms facing down and move it
back over the head a little. Slowly bring the weight close to your forehead
while keeping your elbows tucked. Slowly raise the barbell back to its starting
posit ion.

*58. The triceps dip enhances the mass and strength of your triceps while
developing your chest at the same time. To do: step on the triceps bar and grip
the triceps bar handles. Slightly lean forward, place your weight on your arms
and raise your legs from the step. Gradually lower your body until your lower
chest levels wit h your hands. Push your body back up as you return to the
starting posit ion.

*59. The triceps extension works out your triceps muscle with the aid of a cable
machine. To do: Slightly lean your upper body forward, grip the bar closely
with your palm facing down and straighten your arms fully as you pull the
weight all the way down. Slowly return to the starting position.

*60. Most men tend to place least priority on developing their lower body,
as they are often clothed in pants. However, it is important to balance your lower
body gains with your upper body gains. A well-proportioned body is the
correct type of physique not only because of its attractiveness but because it
balances the body’s overall strength.

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