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11 Exercises For The Facial Muscles + Tips

11 Exercises For The Facial Muscles + Tips
13 Nov

11 Exercises For The Facial Muscles + Tips

Although you rarely hear about exercising your face, there’s a surprising amount of information about facial exercising, or facial yoga, as many refer to it. It makes perfect sense, of course, and many testify to the power of exercising their facial muscles to keep their face toned and youthful. Face yoga, facial exercises By firming muscles and reducing wrinkles.

These are smart exercises to try and do if you’ve got a muscle drawback on your face, making stronger muscles for a toned and additional assured look. There are or so fifty muscles in your face, and physical exertion them has the additional benefit of serving to eye strain and emotional neck and facial tension. swing some work into your facial muscles will give you a additional engaging face to indicate the globe.

Your facial muscles need exercise just as much as the rest of your body. And facial exercises work just like regular muscle exercises.

Intent.com suggests the following to keep your face looking young:


• Raise your eyebrows as high as you can and hold them for five seconds.
• Open your mouth as wide as possible and stick your tongue out as far as you can and hold for a few seconds.
• Using your three center fingers, press down on your cheeks and smile as hard as you can to raise your cheek muscles against your fingers.
• Move your nose as much as you can from side to side.
• Lift your eyebrows as high as you can, open your eyes as wide as possible and frown at the same time.
• Pucker your lips out as far as possible into the shape of an “O.” Then change your expression into a wide smile. Repeat several times.
• Sit in a comfortable chair and look up at the ceiling. Pucker your lips and stick your tongue out as far as possible to exercise your neck muscles.

1 – Pull on your forehead with your index finger. Using just your fingers, you can apply pressure to your forehead so that shifting your eyebrows can strengthen that part of your face. This can help smooth lines on your forehead. Put your index fingers just above each of your eyes. Pull down on your eyes while trying to raise your eyebrows.
Repeat 10 times to help firm your forehead.

2 – Push your forehead with your hands. This simple exercise uses your palms to create resistance while flexing your eyebrows. Doing this workout will help create smooth lines on your forehead. Place each of your palms on the sides of your forehead, the bottom of each palm resting on your eyebrows. Your palms should be holding the skin firmly in place.

Raise your eyebrow muscles, like you are surprised, then lower them, like you are angry.
Raise and lower 10 times, then raise and hold for 30 seconds. Lower and hold for 30 seconds, then repeat the up and down against 10 more times.

3 – Do brow lifts. Using your fingers and your eyebrows, you can exercise the muscles in your forehead. Just a little bit of pressure can create enough resistance for a good exercise.

Using two fingers in a peace sign, and place your fingernails over each eyebrow.
Gently push that skin down with your fingers, then push your brows up and down.
Repeat the up and down motion with your brows 10 times. Do 3 sets of 10, take a short rest, then do another 3 sets of 10.

4 – Stretch your eyelids. Your eyelids are easy muscles to work, and don’t need much resistance. Using your fingers can help you stretch them out, removing wrinkles and giving you stronger eyelids.

Sit down and close your eyes. With your lids relaxed, use your index fingers to lift up your eyebrows. While lifting, keep your eyes closed to stretch your eyelids as far as possible.
Hold this position for 10 seconds, then relax and repeat 10 times.

5 – Do an eye squeeze. Work your eyelids further by squeezing your eyes shut with a little stretching resistance from your mouth. Because it uses so many different muscles, this exercise can help to stretch out your entire face, not just your eyes.

Pull your lips downward so that your facial muscles tighten, then pull your lips to one side. Squeeze one eye shut for one second, then repeat 10 times, holding your lips to the side. Then do the other eye. Do 3 sets of 10 for each eye, take a short rest, then do another 3 sets of 10.

6 – Exercise by smiling. One of the simplest ways to firm up your smile is to practice doing it. In this exercise, you’ll slowly move your mouth into the position of a full smile, holding different positions. This will give you better control of your face and smiling capabilities.

Slowly begin to smile by stretching the corner of your mouth laterally, lips still together.
After that, turn your mouth upward to expose your upper teeth. Smile as widely as you can, displaying your teeth. Once you have reached that point, slowly relax your mouth, bringing the smile back to the starting point. Stop at several stages on this expansion of your smile, and hold that position for 10 seconds.

7 – Apply pressure to your smile. Similar to the last exercise, this one using different stages of your smile to work the muscles in your face. Here, your fingers will provide extra resistance to further work the muscles around your mouth.

Make a full smile, and use your fingers to hold it in place by putting pressure on each corner. Close your lips halfway, then fully, using your fingers to resist the movement.
Hold each position for 10 seconds.

8 – Do a face lift exercise. This exercise works the muscles around your upper lip to help prevent sagging and keep a strong lip contour. Doing it properly will help you have a stronger smile that shows more of your upper teeth.

Open your mouth slightly and flare your nostrils. Wrinkle up your nose as far as possible, then slowly draw your upper lip as high as you can, and hold for 10 seconds.

Leave your mouth slightly open, and place one finger under the eye on the cheekbone. Curl your upper lip slowly upward, keeping finger pressure on your face. Hold for 10 seconds, then slowly return to the original position.

9 – Do a lip exercise. This is a simple exercise that will help increase the blood flow to your lips. This will give the fleshier parts a healthier, livelier, and more natural color.

Open your mouth slightly, making sure your upper and lower lips are relaxed.
Bring your lower lip forward until it makes contact with your upper lip. Bring your upper and lower lips inward to your mouth. Exert pressure, then relax.

10 – Pull your cheeks up. This exercise can help smooth laugh lines and the fine lines around your undereye. Your hands will be doing the work here, stretching the muscles on your face and skin.[

Place your palms firmly against your cheeks. Pull the corners of your lips up toward your temples until you expose your upper teeth and gums. Hold the position for 30 seconds, release, then repeat 3 times.

11 – Squeeze your lips. This exercise will help to condition your lip muscles. Once again your hands will do the work by squeezing your face around your mouth and nose.

Place your palms on your face, with the outer edge on your laugh lines and the bottom edges on the top of the jawline. Use your whole palm to put pressure on your face.
Use your lip muscles (not your hands) to push your lips together and hold for 20 seconds. Then, push your palms up toward your nose and hold for 10 seconds.
Repeat the exercise 3 times.

Smile the maximum amount as you’ll be able to. together with your specific exercises, regular smiling will facilitate keep your muscles robust, whereas not trying quite as strange as you may once doing the exercises. Plus, smiling typically will cause you to look a lot of relaxed and assured, and facilitate your scale back everyday stress.


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