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5 Ways To Embrace The Aging Process 

The aging process begins as soon as we are born, but at that point, it seems joyous. When is it that we lose that feeling when thinking about aging? And, why is it that we really only start to think about aging as another birthday looms? 21 is an exciting milestone and so is 25 , but as soon as we hit 30 we start thinking about aging differently. Suddenly Botox seems like a great idea and skin creams are a must.

More realistically, your focus should be on being happy, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Building a strong sense of health and wellness will prove effective in battling the typical negative thoughts that accompany the aging process. There’s good news, though, because there are other ways to embrace the aging process.

1. Rest Well
Rest is important at every age, but ensuring you get at least seven hours every night will prevent premature aging. Your life is probably pretty stressful, so you need to give your body the time to relax, heal, and refresh.

2. Skin Care Routine
You need to change this up because the creams and routines you used throughout your 20s, 30s, and 40s won’t be as effective as you age. Your skin dries out and loses collagen, as you get older so it’s important to choose products that are designed for your age group. Products that contain plant stem cells are great for stimulating the production of collagen and the likes of hyaluronic acid will plump it back up. Don’t forget the retinol creams to help fight wrinkles (this isn’t for sensitive skin). Always use sunscreen and remember to use products on your neck and chest area, too, they are just as prone to aging as your face.

3. Be Active
It will be far easier to embrace your age when you lean into it and one of the most effective ways to achieve this is through regular exercise and keeping fit. Some years ago, you had children to chase around, and you were probably more active in work and play. It’s important to maintain fitness as you age, so make the time for daily exercise. Whether you opt for walking around the neighborhood, golfing, or yoga, do something that gets your heart beating faster every day.

4. Stimulate Your Brain
It’s really easy to let your brain go as you start to get older. You don’t tend to realize how little thinking you’re doing because you’re slowing things down at work, taking on fewer responsibilities and gearing down your challenges. This is especially true of retirees. Find activities that will keep your mind walking a tightrope, whether it’s puzzles, learning a new language, traveling, volunteering, or playing chess in the park. There are plenty of ways to keep your mind nimble.

5. Embrace The Change
Don’t be that person that constantly refers to how things used to be. Our society is moving fast, technology is expanding rapidly and it changes constantly. While it may be overwhelming the best way to handle, it is by embracing it and any other changes that life throws your way. It is in the handling of change that we find confidence and happiness.

The worst thing we can do when faced with the aging process is to hide from it. Another year means more wisdom, more passion, and more opportunities to spend time with the ones you love. Don’t be afraid of reassessing your life and making changes that will boost your happiness. Most importantly, laugh. Surround yourself with happiness and joy and always make time to laugh heartily. Shift your focus to being stronger, wiser, and growing.


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