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6 Tips For Better Anti-Aging Skin Care









We have all looked in the mirror at some point in life and wished our skin looked better. Aging skin can strike at any age and much of it is dependent on your lifestyle and environmental factors. While there are factors that you have no control over there are aspects of aging that you can convince.

Most people don’t start thinking about anti-aging products until they’ve spotted the typical signs of aging. While it’s never too late to start an anti-aging skin care routine, it’s also never too early. So, why not try these tips to improve your routine.

1 – Focus On What’s Going In Instead Of On
That’s right, your diet is just as important as skin creams. Your skin needs the right nutrients to gain nourishment, remember, it’s an organ just like your heart. Start taking Vitamin D supplements, and make sure your diet is packed with Omega 3 Fatty Acids (as well as Omega 6), drink plenty of water, and avoid packaged foods and sugar.

2 – Limit Your Exposure To The Sun
There is nothing worse for aging your skin than exposure to UV rays. Sun has an effect on the elastin content on your skin, contributing to collagen loss, thus a loss of jawline, the development for wrinkles, and unsightly drooping. It can also roughen the texture of your skin and discolor it. Of course, it’s the main reason for skin cancer, too. Staying out of the sun is obviously not a practical option, so it’s important that you avoid it where possible. When you are in the sun, nothing is more important than sunscreen. It needs to be applied to every part of you that is visible to the sun or could be if your clothing moves. Always choose a sunblock that is SPF30 or higher. You can also get makeups that have built-in UV protection. Protect yourself by choosing the shade, and avoiding exercising outdoors at the height of the sun’s heat.

3 – Retinoid Cream
The most effective topical skin cream for aging is one that contains retinoids. They boost the production of collagen and also work to unclog pores, which will stimulate the blood vessels. Not only will it reduce oil but it will also relieve acne and give you smoother, healthier skin. Try an over the counter product and if it isn’t strong enough, speak to your doctor about a prescription strength option and ensure that you follow the directions exactly. Also, use a moisturizer over the top of the retinoid cream.

4 – Your Skincare Routine
You don’t need to spend a fortune to have an effective skincare routine. There’s no need to complicate the process, just do the right things. As noted above sun protection is vital, as is removing your makeup, washing your face, applying a retinoid cream, and moisturizer and doing this consistently. It’s also really important that your pillow is clean, so you may want to change this more frequently than your sheets.

5 – Cosmetics & Procedures
Everyone has a different skin type and will react better to certain products and procedures. You should speak to a dermatologist about what types of products are right for your skin type, and while you’re there talk about what procedures could set the clock back for your skin. There are exfoliating procedures, peels, and more.

6 – Avoid Allergens
Your product might smell amazing, but it could also be causing serious harm to your skin. A lot of fragrances in products age your skin! So, be mindful about the products that you choose for your face. Read the directions and avoid potential allergens or products you have previously reacted to.


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