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A Modern Bodybuilder’s typical weekly routine might look like this:(p-2) 












o Triceps Press Downs – Using a lat machine or an exercise specific cable-and-pulley machine, perform heavy weight triceps press-downs with a strict form. Five sets

o Supine French Presses – Using a barbell or easy-curl bar, perform fives sets of presses from the forehead or chest to full upright.

o Dumbbell Press – Using a single heavy dumbbell, starting from behind the head and using both hands, press the weight to straight overhead.

o Revere Grip Bench Push Up – Using two benches, one to elevate the feet, the other for your hands, lower your butt to the floor and press back up using your triceps.

o Bent Over Dumbbell Extensions – With your hand on a bench, using one dumbbell, bend over until your upper body is parallel with the ground. Hold your arm (the one with the dumbbell) where your upper arm is parallel with your body and the elbow is bent at ninety degrees with the dumbbell hanging straight down. Slowly extend your arm until it is fully straightened, return to start and repeat. Five sets.

o Super Sets – In the same manner as previously described, alternate biceps and triceps exercises with no rest between exercises and one minute rest between super sets.

When is the best time to workout?

Fitness Club operators will tell you that their clubs are the busiest in the morning, before work and in the evening after normal working hours. More and more, however, they are seeing people taking a “workout lunch.” 

Instead of eating,they run over to the gym and workout for 45 minutes to an hour, and then grab something healthy to eat on their way back to the office. A salad or a hearty soup will carry them over until their evening meal, particularly if they have a nutritious snack of fresh, raw vegetables or fruit in the middle of the afternoon.


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