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A modern bodybuilder’s typical weekly routine! (part 2)











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o Lateral Dumbbell Raises – Use light to moderate weights,
performed to the sides or to the front.
o Super Sets – To condense the workout time and shorten the time
to muscle exhaustion, alternate a back exercise with a shoulder
exercise. Example: Perform a pull-up set then do lateral raises
with no rest between these two exercises, one minute rest before
another pull-up set. Complete three sets in this manner. Then
perform lat-machine pull-downs alternately with upright rowing.
Continue alternating exercises this way through the entire backand-
shoulders session.

· Thursday – Core and Cardio Day – A repeat of Tuesday.

· Friday – Arms Day – A series of exercises for the biceps, triceps and forearms.

o Biceps Barbell Curls – One warm-up set, then four heavy sets
performed strictly (no cheating or bouncing the bar).
o Preacher Bench Curls – With an easy-curl bar or barbell, perform
five sets with a moderate weight.
o Alternate Dumbbell Curls – Seated or standing, perform alternate
arm curls with heavy dumbbells.
o Concentration Dumbbell Curls – Seated with elbow on knee,
perform strict curls with light to moderate weight dumbbell.
Alternate arms, ten reps per side per set. Five sets.
o Reverse Grip Pull Downs – Using the lat machine, reverse your
hands so that palms are facing back in a close grip. Perform pulldown
curls with moderate weight. Five sets


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