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A modern bodybuilder’s typical weekly routine!

 Might look like this:











· Monday – Chest Day – Multiple sets of chest exercises. Bench Press – one warm up set, then progressively heavy, then back down to lighter rep-out weights. As many as ten sets total.

o Pec-Deck Flies – one warm up, then heavy sets. Five sets total.
o Incline Dumbbell Flies – one warm up, then increasingly heavy
and one final rep-out set. Five sets total.
o Decline Dumbbell or Barbell Press – one warm up, then heavy
sets, one rep-out. Five sets total.
o Push-Ups – three rep-out sets.

· Tuesday – Core and Cardio Day – Multiple sets of core strengthening exercises.

o Leg raises – crunches, sit-ups, twists and Swiss Ball exercises
o cardio –  on treadmill, running track, Stairmaster or similar.

· Wednesday – Back and Shoulders Day – Multiple sets of back and shoulder exercises.

o Pull-Ups – Wide-grip chins on the bar. Three sets with
bodyweight, add weight belt and weights for heavy sets.
o Lat Machine Pull-Downs – Wide-grip pulling to either the chest or
the back of the neck. Five sets.
o Bent Over Rowing – With a barbell or with dumbbells. Five sets.
o Seated Rowing – With a cable-and-pulley machine, perform five
high-rep-low weight sets.
o Military Press – With a barbell, one warm-up and four heavy sets.
o Alternate Dumbbell Press – Seated or standing alternate presses
with moderate to heavy weights.
o Upright Rowing – Using moderate weights for five sets.


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