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Body Building: Getting Started -7

23 Feb

Body Building: Getting Started -7

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Getting Started -7

*- Women draw attention to themselves when they have a shapely lower body.
Secondary to a defined décolletage, toned buttocks and legs ante up the
sexiness factor a great notch. Sexy legs look fabulous in pants, shorts and
skirts. Developing the lower body also increases stability, strength and
stamina required to perform daily activities.

*- People, especially women, are hesitant to shape up their lower body, scared
that it will make them fat. On the contrary, it is how much you eat and how
much you work out that determines the fat that you gain. Exercising your
lower body helps get rid of the fat and sculpts the muscle.

*- In building up your bott om half, it is important that you work out all parts of
the muscle group: the quadriceps, the hamstrings and gluteal’s. Overworking
one muscle while putting little attention in the other can lead to injury. It also
greatly contributes to difficult y in mot ion and stability.

*- The dumbbell lunge tones the quadriceps, or the front of thighs. With a
dumbbell in each hand, stand, feet shoulder width apart and bending slightly at
the knees. Step one foot forward, slowly lower your whole body for 4 counts.
Observe that both knees are bent as the body is lowered. The front thigh is
parallel to the ground but doesn’t extend to the toes. Carefully return to
standing position. Finish 12 repetitions before alternating legs.

*- The dumbbell squat works up the entire lower body: glutes (buttocks),
hamstrings (back of thighs) and quadriceps (front of thighs). Grasp a
dumbbell in each hand, stand, feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly
bent. Count to four as you slowly lower your body. Do not let your knees
extend past your toes, as this makes you prone to injury. Press your heels as
you slowly return to starting pose.

*- The bridge develops the glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps. Lie on your back,
feet firm on the floor, hip-width apart and slightly bending at the knees. Press
your palms onto the floor as you slowly raise your buttocks off the floor. Hold
this position for 4 counts then slowly return to starting position.

*- The lying abduction shapes up your inner thigh, this is responsible in
removing that dreaded squishing of legs while walking. Lie on your side, with
your head propped on your arms for support. Slowly raise your top leg to a
45-degree angle, flexing your foot. Do 12 repetitions before alternating legs.

*- When lifting weights, make sure that you have a spotter to assist you at all
times. Even with developed strength, you’d st ill need assistance in lifting
heavy barbell, both in raising it from the rack and putting it back so you do not
strain your muscles. Your spotter should also call on your posture.

*- There are times when it is physically not possible for you to do weight
training. You may take a vacat ion, have not enough time to go to the gym or
be physically inhibited from lifting weights. Make an effort to squeeze in
some exercises to avoid your muscles from shrinking.

*- Body-weight exercises can take the place of weight lifting. Progress is not as
fast but results are guaranteed. Push-ups shape the arms, shoulders and chest.
Lock your arms as you slowly raise your body off the floor. Let your nose
almost touch the floor when you push your body down.
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