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Bodybuilding: The Facts

Bodybuilding: The Facts
08 Jul

Bodybuilding: The Facts

Bodybuilding attracts enthusiasts for many reasons. One of the more popular reasons among us is that they love to build those big muscles to impress the girls. Bodybuilding is also a popular way to lose weight because when you build muscle you increase your metabolism. Metabolism helps to burn calories and then you lose weight. There are those who do bodybuilding as a career because they enjoy the competitions, intense training and thrill of success. What ever your reason for bodybuilding, there are important aspects of the art that you should keep in mind to be successful. There are plenty of myths surrounding bodybuilding and sorting truth from myth will help you to be successful.

Understanding proper diet can aid you in bodybuilding. Many people make the mistake of thinking that all foods containing fat are bad for your body when bodybuilding. The real truth is that a proper balance of fat and other food groups can accelerate your physical development. It can also be underestimated concerning how important protein is to the bodybuilder. On average a bodybuilder should consume 1.2 g of protein per lb. of bodyweight. Protein is not the only important nutritional component of bodybuilding, achieving the adequate ratio of carbohydrate to protein consumption is also important.

It is not necessary to use steroids to achieve the kind of body, bodybuilders admire. Healthy professional bodybuilders state that there are good training principals that include the importance of having a nutrient-rich diet along with the proper rest. Having both nutrition and rest will create the body that others will envy.

It is also a misconception that those who start bodybuilding may have and that is that they should work faster or do more reps to build muscle. The truth is that you need to rest and workout for best results. A good schedule is to alternate workout days with rest days. Another good idea is to build your rep sequence by 5. This workout/rest and rep build up by 5 is a good combination to keep in mind to build muscle mass.

Some who first start out will make the mistake in thinking that the more reps you do or the longer time you spend working on the equipment, the more muscle you build. A principal of bodybuilding says that you workout until the muscle is fatigued. Each exercise set you do is different. Depending on what your set is like, it is possible to fatigue out in the first set, if what you do taxes out the muscle. A good rule to follow is to create an intensity in your workout by dropping or break-down sets in which you rep out or lower the weight and then continue to do reps until you either cannot do another rep or you run out of weight.

When you know the true facts about bodybuilding you can use them in your workout plan to give you a healthier and more productive workout. You can train your mind to follow the truth about bodybuilding much like you can have the discipline regarding the training of your body. Discipline on two levels – body and mind.

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