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Calorie Consumption Limits While Dieting

Calorie Consumption Limits While Dieting
03 Feb

Calorie Consumption Limits While Dieting

There are several things to consider when designing a diet to limit calorie consumption. One of the most important is your level of activity. You do not want to deprive yourself of needed nutrients but at the same time you do not want to flood your body with calories that you cannot burn off. The best way to avoid this is do some basic math.

You must first figure out how many calories you currently burn per day. There are calculators on many health websites that are designed to help you with this process and make it much easier for you. Once you have determined how many calories you burn a day you begin the rest of the process of setting your calorie intake guidelines.

The next step is to figure out how many calories you need to consumer guarding your current weight. If you are larger you need to consume fewer calories. Calories can easily turn into fat if not burned off during the day.so that is why it is important to limit them, especially if you are above average weight. At the same time, you cannot cut down your calorie intake too much because this will not have positive results. If you are burning more than you are consuming your body will begin toburn muscle instead of fat. This is because fat cells serve as emergency reserves for your body so your body naturally tries to burn that last if it thinks it is malnourished.

After you have determined how many calories you need with your weight for your diet it is time to add in the age factor. Most adults need fewer calories than they did in their younger years. This is because most older adults are much less active than they were in their earlier years which leads to less calories being burned. As stated before, you do not want calories being left unburned in your body, they turn to fat. So if you are younger and active you will likely need to consume more calories but if you are older and less active less calories is the way to go.


It is believed that men seem to need more calories on a day to day basis than women. This is due to the fact that men and women’s bodies are different. We have different muscle structures from each other andtherefore our bodies burn different amount of calories on a daily basis.

For example, an active male can require more than 3,000 calories a day when they are active. This means that they engage in sports or other activities which cause the body to work. The recommended intake for the average woman is 2,160 calories per day for an active woman. That is quite a big difference, isn’t it?


This is pretty much common sense. If you are taller you are going to need more calories due to the fact that you have more body mass than shorter people. The more of you there is the more calories you need. Always remember, eating too many calories will lead to a gain in weight and setbacks in your diet. If you are trying to create a more healthy body and life for yourself then over indulging on calories is the last thing you want to do.

I hope that these tips on calorie consumption have been useful for you and have answered some of your questions. Keep in mind, diets need to be personalized to an individual’s needs so what another person needs in calories will likely be different than you needs.

Trying to copy somebody else’s diet because it works for them will likely have negative results for you since you will not be getting the balanced diet you need. There are also websites that have calorie calculators and these can help you greatly while you are trying to determine your number of needed daily calories.

You need to have a diet consisting of well-balanced healthy foods and not a bunch of junk food garbage..!


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