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Concurrent Training For Even Greater Fat Loss

Concurrent Training For Even Greater Fat Loss
17 Jun

Concurrent Training For Even Greater Fat Loss

What’s the very best way to lose weight? Most people now agree that it probably has something to do with HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. This is a training format that challenges you to divide your time spent in the gym between high intensity bursts of sprinting or otherwise exerting yourself at 100% MHR and periods of active recovery at around 70%.

But what if you could do something to make this HIIT method even more impressive? How can you get even greater results from what is already a very effectual tool?

The answer is to use concurrent training…

What Is Concurrent Training?

Simply, coincident coaching may be a kind of coaching that mixes cardio and resistance into one exercise. this can be why it can even generally be mentioned as ‘resistance cardio’. the concept is then that you simply are attending to perform some quite speedy movement however whereas doing it, you may be pushing or actuation against some quite weight or resistance.

An obvious example of this may be to ride a stationary bike however to extend the resistance setting to 10 in order that you’ve got to use additional strength in your muscles to show the pedals.

Other examples of concurrent training include certain forms of calisthenics – like clapping push ups or push ups – as well as boxing, swimming, rowing on a heavy setting or the kettlebell swing. The kettlebell swing is of particular interest here because it allows you to lift quiet a heavy weight in a manner that is conducive to long sequences of exertion.


Why It Matters

So why is concurrent training so important? What’s exciting about it?

There square measure one or two of things that build this such a good too. the primary is that by combining resistance and cardio in one routine, you’re really considerably increasing the challenge. You’ll notice it tougher to maneuver your limbs because of the resistance and so you’ll would like a lot of quick twitch muscle fibre. this needs a lot of energy so you’ll burn a lot of calories than activity identical movements while not the resistance.

Better nonetheless although, after you perform coincidental coaching, you’ll be protective your muscle from breakdown. HIIT will this to an extent already however after you embody resistance work, you effectively send a powerful signal to the body that you {just} would like the muscle and it’s not just deadweight deceleration you down.

In biological terms, you will be breaking down muscles and flooding them with metabolites, both of which are signals that encourage growth. You’ll produce more growth hormone and more testosterone and these both trigger growth and fat loss.

Better yet, building muscle is great for weight loss goals. That’s because muscle makes you look more toned and honed and is often the quicker way to get the physique you want. Moreover, muscle is metabolically active meaning that you burn more calories by simply having muscle. If you add muscle work into your routine, you’ll burn more fat even when you’re asleep!


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