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Do Bigger Biceps And Muscles Attract Women?

Do Bigger Biceps And Muscles Attract Women?
09 Aug

Do Bigger Biceps And Muscles Attract Women?

This is a very popular question amongst guys who wish to build their bodies. In fact, the majority of guys build their bodies to impress the women. However, the pros often build their bodies for themselves, but that is a debate for another day.

The Big Question Is Do Women Like Muscular Guys?

I think we already know the answer to that. YES! The majority of them do. If they didn’t, Hugh Jackman, Mark Wahlberg other male celebrities would walk around in the movies looking all scrawny and hippie like. Muscles attract. That’s why we have expressions like “curls for the girls”, “backs that get girls in the sack”, “delts that make girls melt”, etc.

There is also the issue of going overboard. Women like a man who is muscular but NOT freaky. Having a body like, Chris Evans, did in Captain America, makes the women all hot and excited. Take that one step further and get a body like Lou Ferrigno in the Incredible Hulk… and the women are going to run away. Most of them anyway. So there is a limit. In the end, you need to decide what is important to you and build your body to suit your personal goals.

You’re probably wondering which parts of a man’s body women love the most. An article on Men’s Health, listed the muscles that women love most on a man.

The parts rated in order of importance are listed below.

1. 6 Pack Abs
2. Powerful Forearms
3. A Nice Butt
4. A Broad Back
5. Sculpted Shoulders
6. Rock-Hard Calves
7. A Big Chest
8. Large Biceps

The above list should be taken with a pinch of salt since different women have different preferences. What this article is trying to convey is that having a fit muscular body does not hurt when it comes to attracting the opposite sex.funny, Hot, and body image

The media goes out of its way to depict the ideal man as having loads of cash, good looks and a body that looks like it was carved out of stone. People are influenced by the media and you can’t really blame women for desiring a man with a hot bod.

You just need to get one yourself. It is not difficult if you have the determination, dedication and correct knowledge. The irony here is that you may have to spend quite some time at the gym, eat a clean diet and get enough rest. That means giving up partying, socializing and even cut down on time spent with the opposite sex since you need to train. However, once you have built a body that turns women’s heads, you may hit the clubs and have fun enjoying the stares that women give you.

While a good body means that you will need to train less and just do what needs to be done to maintain it, you must understand that if you slack too much, party too hard and neglect the workouts, you will lose the body you worked so hard to gain… and you’ll also lose the attention your body gets from the girls. That should motivate you to be on the ball when it comes to training.


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