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Do You Suffer From Tennis Or Golf Elbow

Do You Suffer From Tennis Or Golf Elbow
04 Jan

Do You Suffer From Tennis Or Golf Elbow

If you’ve never contend a collection of lawn tennis or a spherical of golf, you’ll be able to still suffer from these elbow injuries. tendonitis and Golfer’s Elbow are each overuse injuries that are caused by any activity that needs repetitive motion of the arm and carpus. The distinction between the 2 conditions lies in wherever the elbow is inflamed.

Both lateral {epicondylitis|lateral humeral epicondylitis|tendinitis|tendonitis|epicondylitis} and Golfer’s Elbow are types of epicondylitis, AN inflammation of tendons that attach to the elbow. tendonitis affects the lateral, or outside, outgrowth and Golfer’s Elbow affects the medial, or inside, epicondyle.

The anatomical structures concerned in tendonitis and golfer’s elbow are terribly similar and therefore the symptoms also are similar, however they seem on opposite sides of the elbow and arm.

Common symptoms of tendonitis include:

Pain that radiates from the surface of your elbow and down your forearm
Tenderness on the surface of your elbow
Weakness in your forearm or a weak grip
Pain once you grip things, twist one thing or, if you play lawn tennis, particularly with backhand strokes

Golfers elbow symptoms are similar, however occur on the within of your arm and include:

Pain and tenderness on the within of your elbow
Pain that radiates down your arm from the within of your elbow
Weakness in your hand or carpus
Numbness or tingling in your ring and small fingers
Pain once you grip or twist things
Pain once you flex your carpus

Both tendonitis and golfer’s elbow symptoms sometimes begin bit by bit and obtain worse over time.


Fortunately most cases of tendonitis and golfer’s elbow respond well to conservative treatments. Surgery is typically not necessary, though complete recovery will take weeks or maybe months, counting on the severity of the condition. like alternative types of inflammation, the foremost necessary side of treatment is to scale back the number of strain on the affected tendons. this might embrace resting the arm, employing a brace or athletic recording, carpus splints, and once well, correcting improper technique/form to forestall the repetition of the injury.

Other treatments could include:

Ice – counting on the severity, icing the affected space could also be useful for reducing pain and inflammation.

Anti-inflammatory medications – medications like isobutylphenyl propionic acid or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory are usually counseled

Stretching exercises – exercises that stretch the concerned forearm muscles will facilitate cut back strain on the inflamed tendons.

Physical therapy – stretches and strengthening exercises through physiatrics will aid and accelerate the recovery method.

Platelet wealthy Plasma (PRP) – “blood spinning” medical aid is another choice you will have detected of; this can be in dire straits several skilled athletes.

Cortisone injections – in severe cases, your doctor might suggest adrenal cortical steroid injections for pain relief and to scale back inflammation.

Surgery – if all else fails, surgery yields high success rates.

Have a teacher or skilled observe your kind and technique. Work along with your coach or therapist of stretches and exercises you’ll be able to do to stay the tendons healthy. continuously wear correct bracing for support and compression. Use ice and warmth if you expertise inflammation and swelling. And ensure to rest once required.

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