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Easy Self Defense Techniques For All Women

Easy Self Defense Techniques For All Women
11 Apr

Easy Self Defense Techniques For All Women 

Attacks are on the rise and women are often the victim of such attacks. Attackers come in many forms – they might be the mugger on the street, a sexual assault, date rape, or any number of other scenarios. By having the right tools women can protect themselves. Let’s look at some things anyone can do.

The Most Effective Place to Hit

If you are in a confrontation with an attacker you have only a split second to do something before the outcome is decided and not in your favor. Before your attacker gets complete control of you, you need to do whatever you can, while saving your energy, to inflict injury so you are able to get away. The ears, eyes, nose, knee, legs, and groins are the most vulnerable places to hit. Which body part you target depends on how close your attacker is to you.

You can gouge, scratch, or poke your attacker’s eyes with your fingers or knuckles. This causes a great deal of pain. You can use the palm of your hand to push up on the base of the nose, which can break the nose, or at the very least cause pain and a bloody nose.  You can use your open hand to connect with the side of the neck and jugular and carotid artery. You can use your leg to connect with the groin or the knee. All of these have the potential to incapacitate your attacker. 

Maximize the Damage you Cause 

Always try to maximize the damage you are going to do, because you may only get one chance. Use your elbows, head, and knees to attack your attacker because these are your strongest build in weapons able to inflict a great deal of damage. 

What Other Weapons do You Have? 

You should also think of items you carry as weapons that could be used. For example, your keys, pen, perfume, hairspray, or umbrellas are all possible weapons that you can use. Always think about what you have on you in advance. That way you will be prepared to make use of it should an attack occur.

Use Your Weight

It doesn’t matter what your weight is in relation to your attacker, you can defend yourself by using your body strategically. It’s really just the law of physics. It’s not about kicking or punching, but actually throwing your entire body weight into whatever you do. 

These easy to implement self defense techniques for women can help to keep you safe. 


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