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Eat To Grow – High Calorie, Mass Diet

Eat To Grow – High Calorie, Mass Diet
03 Sep

Eat To Grow – High Calorie, Mass Diet

I have some bad news for some of us. Muscle doesn’t come from the void and just appear on our bodies out of nowhere! Even with our following all the HIT principles in our guide so far we are not going to get huge quickly if we’re eating like rabbits. Calories, protein and frequent meals are the building blocks that our high intensity training and dedicated rest and recovery will carve a Herculean physique out of.

Keep these broad based mass building diet tips in mind and expect to have to buy a new larger wardrobe fast!

* Raise Your Calories. Okay, first the obvious. When looking to put on mass, you need to boost your calorie intake. My suggestion is to start with an even 1000 extra calories a day. Does this sound like a lot? Well it may, but it works. In fact if you see your weight rising without putting on an excessive amount of body fat tag on another 500 calories a day the following week. Some of us can even go an extra 500 calories beyond this point.

Genetics and our eating habits all play a role here, so individual needs vary greatly in this area.

* Eat Frequently. Splitting your calories up over six evenly spaced meals (while you are awake at least) provides the best meal schedule for mass building. Your body is kept constantly fed which boosts recovery. A welcome side effect in this eating schedule is that it actually works against fat building as long as your diet is relatively clean. Junk food makes you fat – not eating more frequently.

* Protein is King. Your primary muscle builder is protein. A good target is 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per pound you weigh. Divide this between all six meals. Food protein is best, but a shake or two a day won’t hurt and is certainly preferable than missing your target amount. When in doubt eat (or drink) more protein!

* Consider Creatine. I’ve purposely avoided the minefield that is today’s supplement industry, but there are two supplements for mass gain nearly every expert agrees works and works well. The first is creatine monohydrate. For about 85% of us (the other 15% can’t digest it properly) creatine will help us build quick muscle and speed recovery. Take five grams a day with grape juice and food for best results.

* Add Fish Oil When Bulking. My final supplement suggestion – add three to five grams of fish oil to your diet every day. Recent studies have shown a solid dose of fish oil not only works near miracles for reducing the amount of time you need to rest between training sessions, but also tremendously boosts a man’s hormonal levels on par with some formerly legal pro-hormones and testosterone boosters. Fish oil is much safer than any of those types of things as well!

* Final Tip: Eat (Relatively) Clean. A mass building phase is not the time to be cutting out all carbs or following excessively strict diet protocols beyond those you have already read here, but it isn’t the time to overdose on fast food either. Eat clean six days a week focusing on lean proteins and moderate carbs and fats. Pick one day as your cheat day and eat as you please, within reason.

HIT means short and infrequent gym sessions. It doesn’t mean you can ignore basic mass building diet discipline. Stay focused, pay attention to what’s on your plate and watch yourself grow big time.


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