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Exercises That You Can Do At Home

Exercises That You Can Do At Home
05 Oct

Exercises That You Can Do At Home

There Is no excuse of not finding the right type of exercises that you can do at home, here is a list of the appropriate home fitness based program exercises for you.

These exercises can be performed by using easy drills at home and employing minimal equipments which you can get from around your house.

  • For upper body you can do chair dips, lateral raises, pushups,
    chin ups and bent over row. For core exercises you can do dead lift, sit ups and Side Bridge.
  • For lower body you can opt for step ups, wall squat,
    bucket squats and lunges.

Prior to starting these exercises you must warm up yourself for
minimum of five minutes by jogging or brisk walk around the block
or by skipping on the spot. You must perform multiple sets of the
exercises mentioned above depending upon your endurance level
and requirement.

Also, taking intervals in between is equally essential. You
can combine two exercises that use diverse muscle groups
alternating between two things that provide each muscle group
some rest while you perform another.

To get the best results, perform these workouts at least thrice a
week, with no less than a day between exercises for
sufficient recovery.

You must always strive to increase the intensity or load and to
increase your fitness growth. Once your fitness improves, you can
undergo this routine without bothering much and start with a more
superior program.


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