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Facts On Hip Flexor Muscle Strains, Symptoms And Treatment

Facts On Hip Flexor Muscle Strains, Symptoms And Treatment
14 Jan

Facts On Hip Flexor Muscle Strains, Symptoms And Treatment

Lifting your knee toward your body takes the work of the many muscles, that are jointly referred to as your hip flexors. The hip striated muscle muscles include: the iliacus and striated muscle major muscles, conjointly referred to as your iliopsoas. the muscle leg bone, that is a component of your extensor muscle.

What Hip Flexors Do 

Flexion suggests that actuation nearer along. once a skeletal muscle contracts, it attracts 2 bones along, usually bending at a joint. within the case of the hip flexors, they connect the bones of the leg and also the bones of the hip or spine at the hip. If the hip is already flexed, like after you are sitting, these muscles are not operating.

Symptoms Causes Exercises Stretches Treatment Hindrance Takeaway

Hip striated muscle strain will occur once the hip striated muscle muscles are force, strained, torn or battle-scarred. a variety of activities might cause the condition with the chief symptom being sharp pain.

Damage to the hip space will vary from minor injuries that need very little treatment, to a lot of severe injuries that lead to the muscles ceasing to attach with the bone.

The most serious hip striated muscle injuries are third-degree sprains wherever the bone breaks aboard the muscle sprain.

Fast Facts On Hip Striated Muscle Strain:
Flexors are versatile muscle tissues that facilitate an individual stretch and move. If overused, overstretched, or forced to hold out, injury will occur. Some instances of hip striated muscle injury need medical treatment.

What Are Hip Flexors?

The striated muscle muscle is a component of the hip striated muscle muscles which will be strained br image credit anatomography 2013. The striated muscle muscles are a part of the hip striated muscle muscles. Image credit: Anatomography, 2013

The hip flexors may be found connecting the highest of the leg bone, that is that the largest bone within the body, to the lower back, hips, and groin.

There are varied hip striated muscle muscles that each one work to change an individual to be mobile.

They Include:

The iliacus and striated muscle major muscles that also are named as iliopsoas the muscle leg bone, that is a component of somebody’s extensor muscle.

Overuse or overstretching of those muscles and tendons may result in injury and related pain and reduced quality.

Symptoms Of Hip Striated Muscle Strain

Many people UN agency expertise hip striated muscle strain can have these symptoms as well:

  • sudden sharp pain within the hip or pelvis when trauma to the realm.
    a cramping or clenching sensation within the muscles of the higher leg space.
    the higher leg feeling tender and sore.
    loss of strength within the front of the groin together with a tugging sensation.
    muscle spasms within the hip or thighs.
    inability to continue kicking, jumping, or sprinting.
    reduced quality and discomfort once moving, as well as disability of walking.
    discomfort and pain within the higher leg space, that feels constant.
    swelling or bruising round the hip or thigh space.
    tightness or stiffness when being stationary, like when sleeping.

Hip Skeletal Muscle Strain Treatment

Rest, It s very important to rest the affected muscles if you have hip skeletal muscle strain. One issue you will do is change up your ancient activities to avoid overstretching the muscle. as AN example, you will try swimming instead of riding a bicycle.


Most instances of hip skeletal muscle strain are typically treated reception whereas not the need for prescription medications or lots of invasive treatments. Here are some home remedies which can facilitate relieve the pain of hip skeletal muscle strain:

1 . Apply a cloth-covered ice pack to the affected area for 10- to 15-minute time increments.

2 . Alternate ice packs with wet heat applications starting at regarding seventy 2 hours once the initial injury. These embody heat patches, wet heating pads, or a warm, wet flannel. A hot shower can have the same lead to reducing muscle tightness.

3 . Take associate over-the-counter pain reliever. Any of the following can help:

  • acetaminophen – painkiller
    ibuprofen – nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, Motrin
    naproxen sodium – NSAID

However unless directed by your doctor, you shouldn’t take these medicines for extended than 10 days thanks to risks for abdomen damage.

Protection protect your injury to remain it from getting worse or bruised all over again. as AN example, you will use a brace or support or wrap it with a bandage.

Rest avoid of your hip the utmost quantity as you will for the first few days and avoid any activities that cause pain.

Ice pattern ice or a reusable ice pack can facilitate relieve pain and reduce any swelling in your muscles. Apply sort of a shot after you get the injury for twenty minutes and repeat every three to four hours for the following a pair of to some days.

Compression If you’re disturbed regarding swelling or notice that it’s increasing, try wrapping the bruised area gently with a bandage or sporting compression shorts.

Elevation place your leg up therefore it’s over your heart as usually as you will. This helps reduce swelling and inflammation.

Rest and avoid activities which can overuse your hip flexors for 10 to 14 days once injury (or longer if directed by your doctor).


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