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Foods and Drinks to Aid Your Recovery from a Hangover

30 Jan

Foods and Drinks to Aid Your Recovery from a Hangover

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Hangovers are no fun. Fortunately, because of the way your body processes alcohol, there are plenty of tasty food and drink options which are considered natural hangover helpers. Stock up on the following solids and liquids for some quick morning after head and stomach ache relief from over-drinking.


This sports drink and others are excellent for speeding up your recovery when you are hung over. Many sports beverages are high in electrolytes that hangover sufferers need to replenish, and you need to hydrate yourself as well.

Orange juice

Fructose is one of the components of orange juice. This sugar fires up your metabolism of alcohol, and can help speed up your hangover recovery. This is because fructose can increase your natural metabolism of alcohol by up to 25%. And the vitamin C in citrus juices and help repair cell damage related to binge drinking.

Jam and jelly

The key component here once again is fructose. And when you spread jam or jelly on toast, you help build much-needed energy stores that could use a boost while you are recovering.

Fruit juice

In case you don’t want to think about eating anything at all when you are hung over, drink some fruit juice to help speed up your recovery. Stick with natural juices because of the fructose and other healthy sugars they contain.


Repeat after me … “Protein and Cysteine.” Protein is great for energy, and the high quantities of cysteine in eggs go to work on any toxins left over from the alcohol you drank the night before. Stick to mostly egg whites and you keep your cholesterol level manageable.

Cactus extract

Recent research (which is still being conducted) seems to show that the skin of the prickly pear cactus is great as a hangover helper. Purchase online or at your nearest health food store to relieve appetite loss, the dry mouth and nausea that last night’s drinking has left you with today.

Water, water and more water

Alcohol molecules are absolutely head over heels in love with H2O. That interesting fact comes from James M. Schaefer, a research professor and alcohol metabolism expert. So the more alcohol, wine or beer you drank last night, the drier your entire body, including your brain. Drink lots of water, then drink some more.


We are not talking about the stranded redhead from Gilligan’s Island here. Just take 2 ginger capsules or pills every hour with water when you are recovering from a hangover. Nutritionist Monica Reinagel agrees with research that shows a small dose of ginger can ease the vomiting, bloating, gas, constipation and indigestion caused by over-drinking.


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