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From Deadly Combat To Modern Sporting Event

In the past, Muay Thai kickboxing was and still is a devastating type of martial art. In the past, this martial art was used and developed by Thais as a hand-to-hand combat method to protect themselves and small individual communities from aggressors. Short range weapons like knives and clubs as well as spears were also used during combat and loss of a weapon was common.

This is basically where the art of Muay Thai comes in and it did prove its worth in combat. Unlike other types of hand-to-hand combat arts, Muay Thai uses almost every part of the body as a weapon, such as the firsts, elbows, knees, shins, and even the head.

During combat, you will find warriors using crushing head butts, violent and powerful punches and kicks to the legs head and even the groin. In fact, Muay Thai is so efficient in killing that it was considered to be as brutal as armed combat techniques.

Today, Muay Thai is really no longer used for actual combat. It is now a regulated sport that is recognized all over the world. Today, the use of safety equipments is necessary, such as mouth guards, gloves and even groin protection. And, just like MMA, wrestling, and boxing, you will find that Muay Thai competition even have weight classes for the competitors or athletes.

In addition to that, regulated or sport Muay Thai no longer allows the kind of strikes or attacks that other modern combat sports have made illegal, such as strikes to the groin as well as head butts.

Also known as Thai Boxing, this sport is exciting and fascinating to watch. The style of combat is quite different from other combat sport, such as karate, boxing, and tae kwon do and for this reason alone, Muay Thai boxing became one of the most popular combat sports in the world. In fact, because of the efficiency of the Muay Thai technique to knock down an opponent, some MMA fighters are now using the Muay Thai techniques inside MMA fights.

The main technique incorporated in Muay Thai is the clinch. This is basically a position where fighters are in close contact and are attempting to control their opponent’s body, such as the head. If used properly, you can incorporate Muay Thai techniques, such as knee to body and elbow to head strikes that can really be devastating to the one receiving the strikes.

Today, Muay Thai is one of the fastest growing combat sports all over the world. In fact, increasing numbers of gyms all over the world are now offering to teach willing students the art of Muay Thai. So, if you are interested in learning Muay Thai, you may want to visit the nearest gym in your area and find out if they offer Muay Thai training.

Even if you are not planning to become a professional Muay Thai fighter or MMA fighter, you will find that the techniques in Muay Thai can be used for self-defense and the trainings here are so intense that you will be able to have a great workout and get that body you always wanted to have.


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