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HIIT Resource Sheet: Tools And Supplements For Better Results

What’s the secret to success with a good HIIT routine? The answer is that you design the routine  sensibly and then give it 100% during your workouts.

But that’s not to say that there aren’t other factors that can also play a big role… and chief among  these is the equipment you use. Read on and we’ll look at some tools and supplements that can help you to get even more from your training.


Nobody ‘needs’ supplements. However, they can certainly be beneficial and help you to see faster  results and especially when choose the right supplements for your training. There are a few that are ideally suited to HIIT…


Creatine is the substance that the liver produces to recycle used ATP but you can also get it  exogenously from your diet and from supplements. By being able to recycle ATP, creatine lets you use your ATP-CP system for a few seconds longer, thereby improving your ability to use high intensity training.


BCAAs are ‘branch chained amino acids’. These are amino acids – the building blocks of proteins – that are in a more useable format. That is to say, that they are connected in a manner similar to the way they would need to be connected to become muscle. Studies show that when you consume BCAAs prior to a workout, they can help you to prevent muscle breakdown.


Preworkouts are products designed to be taken before a workout. They include BCAAs often but can also include other useful ingredients – such as stimulants like caffeine, bitter orange
lcarnitine to help increase your metabolism further!

Protein Shake

If you have any interest in building muscle as well as burning fat, you need extra protein. Protein shakes provide a great way to get this that is tasty and convenient. Just make sure you choose one that isn’t packed with sugar and calories!  Tools

Running Trainers

If you’re going to be running for your HIIT workouts, then running shoes are absolutely essential to allow you to avoid injury and to enjoy the ride.

Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker has a ton of different advantages, from allowing you to monitor your  calories burned throughout the day, to letting you check your heart rate in order to see how if your workouts are intense enough.

Heart Strap

Fitness trackers work best when paired with a heart rate monitor that is worn around the chest. Polar make some good models and these are more accurate than wrist-worn monitors.


One of the most versatile pieces of training equipment in the world. The kettlebell is crucial for concurrent training and allows for extended periods of high effort work. The swing is an amazing movement that will melt calories and build your posterior chain.

Battle Ropes

Looking for another alternative form of cardio? Battle ropes are large heavy ropes that you hit against the ground quickly. This requires a lot of effort and once again is a generally excellent alternative to jogging or cycling.


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