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HIT Workouts Part 1

HIT Workouts Part 1
01 Sep

HIT Workouts Part 1

Now we’re getting somewhere – our HIT Workouts! In the next two chapters of our guide I’ll be breaking down our own version of the high intensity training plan taking the best of old school and new school HIT ideas on the subject. This plan has been proven to be consistently
effective for new trainers and old male and female alike.

HIT Workout Part 1 Monday

Unless otherwise noted it should take you roughly four seconds to raise and four seconds to lower your weight in good form. If you are able to complete all the required reps take note in your training journal (you do have a training journal don’t you?) and be sure to raise the
weight next session.

Intensity! Intensity! Intensity!

1. Leg Extension. Sit at leg extension machine making sure it is adjusted correctly for your height. Jumping on the machine and assuming it’s set properly will not allow you to use the right resistance and will greatly increase your chance of injury. Don’t lock your knees as you
extend your legs which puts unnecessary stress on your knee joints. Do one set of six to eight reps.

Immediately follow your set with…

2. Leg Presses. This is your primary mass builder for your legs be sure to go as heavy as you are safely able. Come down in a full range of motion – knees to chest. Do one set of six to eight reps.

No rest. Finish your legs with…

3. Calf Raises. Choose the calf raise machine you are most comfortable with. Do one set of eight to ten reps also with a full range of motion.

Rest two to three minutes.

4. Dumbbell Flyes or if available Pec Deck. Fewer gyms seem to have “classic” pec decks available where your arms are in a L shape while squeezing your chest. If you are lucky enough to have a classic pec deck be sure to use it, however I do stress the importance of safe form with this exercise as it can lead to injury if not performed properly. If not dumbbell flyes also get the job done. Do one set of eight to ten reps.

Immediately follow with…

5. Incline Presses. You can choose dumbbells, barbell or machine incline presses. Be sure to go heavy for a full range of motion. This is one of your best upper body builders so focus on intensity more than ever! Do one set of six to eight reps.

Without rest go to…

6. Body Weight Dips. This is a neglected old school exercise that should be much more popular than it is. Two sets of full range of six to eight reps. When these become too light hang weights from a belt and chain.

Rest two minutes and move on to…

7. Tricep Push downs. Use a standing tricep pushdown machine with a “V” shaped handle. Be sure not to lock your arms at the bottom of each rep – in a few years your elbows will thank you! One set of six to eight reps.

Immediately move on to…

8. Lying Tricep Extensions. Some people choose to call these “skull crushers”, but I prefer not to chance fate. Using a barbell bang out one set of six to eight reps again with maximum intensity! Do these loyally and expect horse shoes to be bursting out of your t-shirt sometime soon.

Now go get some rest! Thursday is coming fast.


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