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Weight lifting became a ready means of achieving fitness, and the sport of
bodybuilding (yes, it is a sport and it requires tremendous dedication) arose. In
bodybuilding the fitness and appearance are the goals, instead of the amount of
weight lifted.

During the first third of the Twentieth Century, bodybuilding competitions began
to be held. By the late 1930s sanctioning bodies arose to establish rules, judging
and awards for the competitors. In the USA the Mr. America contest was first
held in 1939; the precursor was held the year before. These contests
proliferated and today there are a myriad of bodybuilding competitions for both
men and women all over the world, all governed by a number of sanctioning

Early bodybuilders who achieved national and worldwide acclaim and name
recognition were: John Grimek, Mr. America 1940 and 1941; Steve Reeves, Mr.
America and Mr. Universe 1947, Reg Park, Mr. Universe 1951 and multiple other
world titles, Bill Pearl, Mr. America 1953 and multiple Mr. Universe titles, Arnold
Schwarzenegger, Mr. Europe, multiple Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia titles.

Arnold is probably the epitome of bodybuilding success. He leveraged his fame
into a movie career as an action star and ultimately became the Governor of
California for two terms. He married a daughter of the politically famous
Kennedy clan and has become wealthy from investments and products related to


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