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Is A Water Diet Is The Answer To Your Weight Loss Issues?

Is A Water Diet Is The Answer To Your Weight Loss Issues?
05 Nov

Is A Water Diet Is The Answer To Your Weight Loss Issues?

I have recently heard the term thrown around…”She’s not fat, she’s fluffy.” As I said mentality is a lot in the weight loss game…you better come in prepared.

However if you’re not quite ready to start working out on a regular basis and would just like to prepare by exploiting some “weakness in the fat loss armor,” this guide will pave the way.

For example, if you were sitting on a beach and you wanted to get to the other side of the lake you could decide to swim to the other side. This would get you there eventually and you could say…

Water Diet

“There Are Always Approaches To Make Things Work Better And More Efficient.”

“Yeah I just swam from that side to this side because I wanted to get here and see what it was like, but now I’m too tired to get back.” And now that you’re on that side you realize that there is a boat with oars you can use to get back to your original side.

What are you going to do? What is the more efficient tool?
Obviously the boat…but then again you could add a motor and then you really have the best way to get back to the other side. Is it quicker yes…is it more efficient for you Absolutely!

Can you say you took the long way to do it…no, but then again…how many times can you continue to work as hard as you can to get results that can happen 10x’s faster.

That is the point of this …to show you how you can stop working so hard to achieve your weight loss goals, and start using some better and more efficient “tricks” to really rev up your calorie burning.

Fresh Fruit

To Lose Weight Consume Less Calories, Or Burn More Than You Consume

In a nutshell: If you are burning more calories than you are eating, you should lose weight. While this is fairly accurate…than why do some people eat way more calories and still stay thin???

Some may say metabolism plays a part… “She/He just has a better metabolism” or “She/He has a fast metabolism”

However there may be some other issues at work, and causes those people to eat junk food and still maintain a figure or body that people want. It could be due to some things that a person does each day that you don’t and it could be the reason why no matter what you do…it just doesn’t seem to work. If you haven’t guessed already by all of this rambling…I will lay it out for you here. Follow and Start to Use the Following Several Pages of “Tricks and Tweaks” on a Daily Basis…and You Will Start to Have Results.

Ice Water

Start Drinking Ice Water!

The average weight of an adult man is around 189lbs (84kg). We will call this man “Regular Average Joe” for the duration of this report because we will be mentioning him several more times throughout this.

I calculated that if an average man decided to start walking for exercise it would take him between 15-20 minutes to burn around 70 calories. By using the Ice Water Trick and going by that common Drink 8, 8oz cups of water a day…Guess What???

You Can Burn The Same Amount of Calories Per Day!

No extra exercise, no real big change in diet… Just Drink Ice Cold Water! Just by doing this can cause you to burn approximately 25,000 extra calories per year, which equates to a loss of 7 Pounds (3.1kg)

While this may not seem like a lot of weight, think about this. If you use my example of Regular Average Joe weighing in at around 189lbs (84kg) in just over 2 years time if he gained around 7lbs (3.1kg) a year he would be over 200lbs (91kg)


Remember the definition of what a calorie is???

A calorie is how much energy it takes to heat of 1ml of water to 1 degree Celsius. So if you drink 70ml of ice water (64oz) you burn 70 extra calories.

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