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Is Wearable Tech A Fad?

Is Wearable Tech A Fad?
19 Aug

Is Wearable Tech A Fad?

When it comes to technology, it’s hard to know what is going to stick and what isn’t. You might spend a good amount of money on something that will be forgotten in a year, or you could end up with a life time investment. It’s difficult to gauge correctly, and items and ideas that are destined to do well can still fail, too. Is it worth spending the money if you’re unsure of its future or is it better to wait until  you can see the niche it creates in the market?

Wearable tech seems here to stay, and is continuously being improved on, with each new year of it in the market bringing new and exciting advances. The progress and money that is being made from it helps to secure its spot in the market place. There’s undeniable demand for the products and the advances being made in this sector are expected to help science overall unlock more and more possibilities of what we can do in our everyday life.

The Predications

In 2014, wearable tech was estimated to be worth $4.5 billion – not an amount to sniff at. Thanks to demand in the market and the expected demand that will be generated from this, though, it has been estimated by 2018 alone the market will be worth $19 billion. A study by the same company then goes to show that a year after, by 2019, they’re expecting it to jump up to $53 billion, thanks to the focus that will be given to healthcare and wellness.

Once undeniable demand has taken off, it’s expected that focus will go to providing everyday consumers the same sort of service. While it might be cost heavy, it’s expected to change the way that people look after themselves and make it easier for people to be more conscious of their health and wellbeing.

Current Market

Even now, when the technology is just starting out, it’s made a massive impact in people’s lives and has become something that everyone is aiming towards owning. News of what can be expected stirs excitement in people and generates a massive interest in normal, everyday people. This gives it a good basis to work on when it comes to predicting it’s future in the marketplace.

Wearable tech seems like something that will be in our minds and markets for a long time to come and investing in it now is definitely not a mistake. It’s not a fad and it’s something that will change lives and make them much easier to manage, while looking after ourselves and ensuring that we’re doing as much as we can to ensure that we’re staying strong and healthy.

Healthcare, wellbeing and diets is currently one of the highest earning industries, and if wearable tech jumps into that sector, it’s definitely aimed to do very well in the upcoming years. If they keep making the leaps that they are in the technology behind it, it’s estimated to go very far and be a staple in our everyday life.


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