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Maintaining The Body : The Right Carbs

17 Mar

Maintaining The Body : The Right Carbs








The Right Carbs

Dietary carbohydrates, also known as saccharine have actual sugars
and starches that are responsible in providing energy to humans,
animals and even plants. Carbs in a real sense have advantages and
disadvantages, especially since right now food production has
dramatically changed as well as how food is consumed.

Proper Selection

Carbs have two types, monosaccharides and polysaccharides.
Monosaccharides can be easily digested and absorbed by the body. It
is normally obtained in fruits and specific dairy products. Other
sources of simple carbohydrates are pastas, white bread and white

Polysaccharides on the other hand take a longer period of time to be
digested and absorbed by the body. It is normally found in vegetables,
legumes, whole grain breads, brown rice and the like. Basically,
unrefined grains are a good sources of complex carbs compared to
refined grains, this is because the filtering process generally removes
the fiber and nutrients present in grains. Therefore, eating unrefined
grain products will give you lasting energy.

While carbs are essential in the body, we must make sure that we are
picking the right carbs to consume. To do that, we need to understand
carbs even better and know how to use them in our advantage. The
catch is, we need to eat the right carbs that our body needs in order
for us to sustain the right energy.

It is recommended by the experts that for an adult’s dietary energy,
40 to 65% percent of it must come from carbs and around 10% of it
should be simple carbs. Too many cravings of high-glycemic foods
will not only make us fat but also increases the risk of acquiring

Talking about diabetes and weight problems, cutting all carbs in your
diet is definitely not the solution. Carbohydrates are very important
in providing our body with enough nutrients, vitamins and soluble
fiber that is good in maintaining healthy sugar and cholesterol levels.

So how do we choose the right carbs?

Here’s how. Switch from lowglycemic
foods and reduce calorie intake to at most 250-500 calories per day. Moreover,
allow yourself to consume 20g to 35g of fiber in a day. One of the best sources
of fiber is whole grain foods.

Protein is known as very low in carbs. Consume foods that are lean in protein
such as not fat dairy products, skinless poultry, tofu, legumes and fish. On the
other hand, you must avoid foods that are high in saturated fats like pork, high-fat
dairy products and beef.

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