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Muay Thai: Getting Your Body In Fighting Condition

As a Muay Thai or MMA fighter, it is important for you to condition your body and get it ready for a fight. You need to remember that knowing how to execute the techniques alone is not enough in order for you to win.

In Muay Thai, you will find that conditioning training can be very intense both physically and mentally. You need to remember that the fitness routine in Muay Thai is designed to promote maximum body conditioning in order for you to get the level of fitness and toughness that is required for ring competition.

Included in the training regimen would be running, shadow boxing, body weight resistance exercises, rope jumping, abdominal exercises, medicine ball exercises, and in some cases, you also need to weight train.

Most Muay Thai practitioners apply Namman Muay liberally before they start their intense body conditioning sessions. Namman Muay is also known as the Muay Thai Boxing Linament, which is basically made from herbs. The ingredients in this oil are derived from plants in the region that is known to aid in blood circulation as well as reduce inflammation. The wintergreen scent in some Namman Muay is believed to open nasal passages, which helps in improving oxygen intake and also increase alertness.

As a Muay Thai fighter, you need to train with coaches on Thai pads, heavy bag, and focus mitts. Also, you have to spar with your sparring partner. On average, the daily training will include many rounds of sparring, which last 3 to 5 minutes for each round and is only broken up by a short rest in between rounds.

In regard to Muay Thai body conditioning, the Thai pad is known to be its cornerstone. Here, you will practice your punches, knees, kicks, and elbow strikes. The trainer will be wearing thick pads that cover the forearms and hands, which are basically designed to absorb the impact of the strikes that you deliver during training. This will also allow you to react to the attacks of the pad holder.

The focus mitts are used to train the hand speed and punch combinations as well as the timing, and punching power. It is also used to train defense and counterpunching. Focus mitts may also be used for practicing elbow strikes.

The heavy bag training will simply reinforce the techniques practiced on the pads. It will help in the conditioning and it is also a power exercise.

Sparring basically means that you have to fight against a training partner and test out your technique, skills, strategy, and timing. Basically, sparring is often a light to medium contact exercise where the fighters will not really hit each other with full power.

As you can see, the conditioning or training in Muay Thai can be quite intense. In fact, the training regimen can be so rigorous that professional Muay Thai fighters have short careers in the ring.

The great thing about Muay Thai body conditioning is that you will be able to enhance your fighting skills and really get your body to become fit and ready for fights. Even if you are not a Muay Thai fighter, the training regimen in Muay Thai can surely keep your body lean and fit.


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