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Muay Thai Training Techniques That Can Really Improve The Way You Fight

First of all, Muay Thai boxing is one of the most popular types of contact sports today. Originally, this martial art came from Thailand and it’s so intense that it became very popular all over the world almost overnight.

The fighters in Muay Thai boxing use almost the entire body to attack and defend, which are the fists, feet, elbows, and knees. In the past, the head was also used but thanks to the updated rules in Muay Thai, it’s now illegal to do head butts.

The basic techniques in Muay Thai training include punch techniques, such as jabs, straight right or cross, hooks, and uppercuts, elbows, such as horizontal, diagonal upwards, diagonal downwards, uppercut, backward spinning, downward, and flying.

Kicking techniques are also used, such as push kick, roundhouse kick, etc.

Clinching is also another technique that you should learn in Muay Thai. Unlike in boxing where clinching is a good way to defend yourself from attacks, you can use this technique to attack using your knees and elbow in Muay Thai boxing.

A common clinching technique used in Muay Thai is to tap the head downward and give a throw. You can also throw the opponent to the left in case he or she is using a knee from the right. This will help in outbalancing your opponent and eventually attacking them.

The Kru is another technique used in Muay Thai. This is a hard technique to master and a new fighter needs to work and train hard in order to learn this technique.

There are quite a lot of elements that you need to learn when you are training Muay Thai techniques. By strictly following the training routine, you will be able to get your body ready for fights.

Running is very important. This will not only keep your thigh and leg muscles conditioned but it will also help you with your stamina which is very important in Muay Thai. You need to run an average of 18 kilometers per day.

Stretching is another important part of training. By doing stretching exercises for around 15 to 20 minutes before training, you will improve your flexibility and muscle elasticity, which will reduce stretch reflex and injuries.

Shadow boxing is another important aspect of Muay Thai. Do shadow boxing for 20 minutes a day and do this in front of the mirror. This will help you improve your techniques and if you are a beginner, you will be able to get the natural feel of the moves used in Muay Thai.

As you can see, Muay Thai training takes a lot of hard work. In order for you to become a good fighter, you have to go through a lot of physical and metal strain. Although anyone can do Muay Thai training, not everyone has the same dedication, commitment and never-say-die attitude.

By following these tips, you will be able to transform yourself in to a better Muay Thai fighter and really give your opponent a pounding inside the ring.


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