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Muscle Building Tip

05 Oct

Muscle Building Tip










Spend as much time working and living your nutritional requirements as you do on your training. This is one of the most important keys to achieving your bodybuilding goals. Do your homework, but be open to listening and researching new ideas and concepts. Don’t just get caught up in trends or fads. Learn from those that have been there!

Food is fuel and you should use it according to your specific goals. In most cases I have found…

People Are Underfed. Yes, I Repeat… Underfed!

They think they are eating enough protein in their diets but when you analyze their food sources, they are not eating as much as they really thought or the sources are not the most effective for the desired goal.

Determine you caloric needs and deduct your protein requirements from the total leaving the balance to be made up in carbohydrates and fats. Remember the last two are not the enemy. Sometimes we don’t always use them appropriately.

Keep all processed foods and simple sugars out of your diet. It will truly slow the goal achievement process. Search for help and don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are many valuable resources and people out there that can help you.


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