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Performing The Pit Workout

Performing The Pit Workout
21 Feb

Performing The Pit Workout

The Pit workout can help you lose weight and become fit.

This workout presented in two DVDs features John Hackelman who is the trainer of Chuck Liddell, the current UFC LHW Champion. It is, as you can guess, primarily for fitness and strength building and thusinvolves full body, upper body, and lower body exercises.

Upper Body Routine

Like other workouts, the Pit workout for upper body strengthening starts with short stretching – elephants, jumping jacks, chain breakers, punching techniques and arm rotations. After this warm-up
Hackelman leads you to the first routine- 30 seconds of shadow boxing followed by 30 seconds of burpees, then back. The routine covers 5 minutes. A water break lasting 45 seconds ends the first

The second round is still the burpees/shadow boxing routine, but this time the switch from burpees to shadow boxing is every 20 seconds.The second round is also five minutes and it ends with the 45 minute break.

The next stop is the pushup/punching drill, the longest of the upper body workout routines. Each set is 30 seconds and during that time you have to complete 20 push-ups or as many as you are able.
In between sets, you stand upright throwing punches related to the push-up you have just done. There various kinds of sit-ups you are to perform. Hackelman will guide you through them.

Next routine is the kicking drill consisting of high, middle and high roundhouse kicks. After the usual water break, Hackelman guides you through a one minute Freestyle Jump Rope and Clap Pushups.
The upper workout is concluded by a shadow boxing session to cool your body down.

Lower Body Routine

The Lower Body workout warm-up is pretty much the same as the upper body warm-up but you add side bends, body twists, etc … and eliminate the punching.

The workout proper begins with the 3 minute combined squat/knee bends and straight kicks routine. You do the squat/knee bends and you straighten up you throw the kick, alternating right and left at each

Next is a one minute drill composed of jumps into left and right sidekicks, followed by another 3 minutes of the squat/knee bends, straight kicks routine but this time the squat is deeper. The one minute high straight kicks exercise is followed by the catcher drill (3 minutes) then you take a break.

The succeeding sets are basically the same as the previous ones though with more combinations, a sprint is incorporated for example, to ensure all the principal muscle groups in the lower portion of the
body are thoroughly used.

The Full Body Workout

The usual warm-up starts off the full body workout with other exercises like explosive leaps, shadow/sprawling drills added. The drill that follows the warm-up combines the shadow boxing/sprawl with leaps and lasts 10 to 12 minutes.

The pit blackjack, Heckerman’s most favored routine, is next in line after the customary break. This is a mix of squat thrusts and pushups. Each set is made up of 21 reps beginning with one squat thrust and 20 push-ups, then two squats and 19 push-ups until you reach 20 squats and one push-up.

The rest of the routine include a punch drill, jumps, sprints, bends, and bicycles designed to give the main muscle groups an invigorating work-out. For fitness and strength building has no equal and you get abs, too.


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