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Setting And Achieving Long Term Goal Results

Setting And Achieving Long Term Goal Results
05 Sep

Setting And Achieving Long Term Goal Results

Attempting to make dramatic progress with HIT or any other training system is next to impossible until you master the art and science of effective goal setting.  It’s the one quality if you do a bit of research you find all the personalities who rose to dominance in bodybuilding
share in common. With HIT being even more cerebral than more conventional training methods it’s no surprise the high intensity gurus had and practiced the best goal setting ideas and methods. Here’s their top ideas on the subject. Follow them closely and your mental game will be backing up your physical game 100%!

* Set Big Goals to Cover Your Big Vision. Your big goals give you a long term target to aim for and can serve as a huge motivational force. Personally I like to set six month, one year and five year fitness and bodybuilding goals. Looking back over the years this has proven to be very successful and most of these long term goals in the past have been met. Dorian Yates was a huge HIT advocate of this through his entire career and training life. We see how well this practice help Dorian succeed don’t we?

* Break Your Big Goals into Monthly and Weekly Goals. Breaking your long term targets into more easily achievable monthly and weekly steps, is a sure way to move progressively forward in a measurable way. You can even set daily fitness and training goals to break the process down even more!

* Frame Your Goals in Positive Language. Sports psychology and mental toughness experts have proven that goals are much more likely to be achieved when they are set in positive language. This means using words like “get stronger” rather than “not be weak” for example. Our minds respond more efficiently to positive language so be sure to use this to your high intensity training advantage.

* Always Put Your Goals on Paper. Pen and paper are your best friends with goal setting. Not only does this keep them fresh in mind as long as you refer back to your notebook periodically, but it’s also not a bad idea to make copies of your goals and take them with you both to work and to the gym. This will do wonders towards keeping you focused!

* Have Quarterly Update Meetings with a Training Mentor. If you have the opportunity to work with a coach, trainer or even a friend who hits the gym with you let them know about the goals you have set and meet with them every few months and discuss how progress is going. In return if it’s a friend or family member you can provide the same sounding board about their own training progress. It can’t be stressed enough that being held accountable to someone you respect can mean all the difference when going gets tough to help you push through the boundaries and make superhuman changes in your life!

Once you apply these goal setting ideas you will find results coming from your HIT work outs coming quicker than ever. Many of them can be used to make big improvements outside of the gym as well. Try them out and I think you’ll be hooked.


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