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Technique In Weight Training

Technique In Weight Training
17 Aug

Technique In Weight Training

Technique in weight training is extremely necessary for achieving the expected progress, however additionally for shielding the body of the athlete. the primary necessary factor is to find out properly the fundamental movements.

In this sort of traininging there’s a form of classic set of exercises, that the athlete must master from the start. This set includes exercises with free weights (dumbbells and barbells). whereas coaching with these, the movement isn’t obligatory by any machine. once dead while not the superintendence of a fitness teacher, it’s doable that these movements area unit wiped out a wrong approach, a scenario that will increase the chance of accidents loads.

One of the foremost frequent mistakes is associate degree incorrect position of the spine. Some exercises (bench press, free weight curls) may involve exaggerated bowed, whereas others (sit up bend, dead lift, squats, etc.) involve undue flexing (hunching).

These wrong positions will cause unfavourable stress exerted over the spine, knees or shoulders. Besides, they will direct the hassle to different teams of muscles than those meant. The result’s that none of those area unit properly trained, as a result of no exercises specific to the muscles area unit performed properly. In such things, the athlete can solely feel exhaustion all told his body and can not be able to direct and localize the hassle within the zone that a selected exercise ought to mobilize.

Another example of wrong technique is exaggerated swinging for exercises that don’t want impetus. This happens most frequently whereas raising the weights laterally for performing on the deltoid muscles, once the athlete wrong flexes the knees and uses the body part muscles, bowed his back an excessive amount of.

Other mistakes area unit created once catching the bars. within the case of pull up, as an instance, and of pushing from behind the neck (for the shoulders), a too slender catch can place the scapular-humeral circulation into a non-physiological, stressing position. Exaggerated bending forward throughout squat can force the spine, whereas lowering the thighs below horizontal position can stress the menisci.

Rowing from bending position and stretching back should be finished the rear in extension; otherwise the chance of ruptured intervertebral disc may seem. Not employing a belt once lifting terribly serious weights will verify ruptured intervertebral disc, however additionally herniation or rupture of abdominal muscles.

The technique of respiratory breathing should be understood properly. inhaling rather than breathing, obstruction of the thorax or not will have an effect on the athlete loads. Generally, the athlete should breathe throughout the foremost troublesome a part of the movement and should take a breath throughout controlled returning in position. Apnoea (blocking of the thorax) should be used solely within the case of lifting serious and extremely serious weights; otherwise it’s not even. whereas creating aerobic effort, it’s necessary to possess a selected respiratory rhythm, a pace which may vary per the viscus frequency and respiratory organ ventilation.

All these examples support the thought that the presence of the fitness teacher throughout coaching is totally necessary.


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