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The Different Types Of HIIT

The Different Types Of HIIT
23 Sep

The Different Types Of HIIT

We have looked at numerous different HIIT workouts and discussed a lot of the science and  theory behind how they work. Hopefully, it has inspired you to start getting more creative with your workouts and to come up with some really challenging routines that will increase your strength, your fitness and your physique.

But it was a lot to take in all in one go. And with that in mind, this  will provide you with a handy recap that you can dip into whenever you need a refresher, a little more inspiration or some new ideas!

Types of HIIT

Regular HIIT:

HIIT stands for ‘High Intensity Interval Training’ and the most basic form of this involves two intervals: a high intensity and low intensity interval. You then train at 90-100% of your maximum capacity for the fast interval and recover at around 70% for the slow interval. A starting ratio might be 30 seconds of high intensity and 2 minutes of low intensity. Eventually, you might end up doing 1 minute of high intensity and 1 minute of low!


The tabata protocol is a highly popular HIIT workout that involves going all out for 20 seconds and then resting for 10 seconds. While 20 seconds might not seem like a long time, the short recovery periods mean that this can be absolutely brutal. The sequence is repeated 8 times, meaning that the entire thing lasts only 4 minutes – but is brilliant for burning a lot of fat.


Fartlek is a type of training that translates to ‘time play’. The idea is that you’re performing something akin to HIIT, except that you aren’t switching between two different states but rather multiple states. What’s more, is that you can choose how and when you make the change. You might then decide to walk for a period, jog for a while and then sprint. And you could mix those three states up in any way you choose – even in a non-linear or random fashion.

A great option is to sprint for 30 seconds and then go slower until your heart rate reaches a set point again to train your recovery.


Speaking of training your recovery, MetCon is an abbreviation of ‘Metabolic Conditioning’ and is a type of training designed to improve your recovery and your energy efficiency. This often takes the form of circuits incorporating CV work and calisthenics. This can be used to tone and build muscle, while at the same time burning a lot of calories and improving fitness.


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