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The Health Benefits Of White Water Rafting

The Health Benefits Of White Water Rafting
02 Sep

The Health Benefits Of White Water Rafting

White water rafting is an absolutely thrilling experience. With the waves crashing around you and your entire crew laughing and shouting, rafting is truly a one of a kind attraction. In addition to being a fun way to spend an afternoon, did you know that rafting also offers a number of health and wellness benefits?

Satifies the thirst for adventure – Most of the rivers used for white water rafting are in scenic locations that give you the chance to explore your surroundings in a whole new way. Adventure is good for the mind because it’s a positive change of scenery that gives you a new perspective on exploration. 

Gives you an adrenaline rush – Whitewater rafting guarantees a release of adrenaline. Adrenaline rushes allow rafters to focus only on the excitement they feel rather than the physical exercise of rafting.

Reduces stress – Rafting provides you an escape from reality. The quietness of nature lets you relax and leave all your worries behind you, especially when the river is slow-moving. In this moment, you can bask in this moment of peace. And yet, when the river gets going again, you can be sure to exude your stress through the exercise required in heavy paddling!

Outdoors Fun/ Fresh Air – Being outdoors is a way for you to soak up the sun and take in nothing but deep breaths of fresh air. In fact, studies show that exercising outdoors is more beneficial to mental health over indoor activities.

Strengthens your muscles – White water rafting is a fun, challenging physical activity. Using your upper body, you paddle quickly and vigorously through the river.The movement of paddling tones your arms, back, and shoulders, and as the current of the river grows more swift and water resistance increases, so too does your muscle strength improve as you continue to fight the challenge of the river. 

Fantastic cardio workout – Rafting is a strenuous activity that requires endurance.Rafters must sustain long periods of paddling on fast-flowing rapids to ensure proper navigation and to prevent the raft from, worst case scenario, tipping and sending everyone overboard. The stamina and endurance you need must be at peak levels to ensure you can successfully accomplish the challenge.

Builds teamwork skills – Being in the wilderness with a group of people gives you the opportunity to bond with your teammates. You learn about their strengths and weaknesses, and since white water rafting takes discipline, teamwork and leadership skills, knowing your team is crucial to success. The communication between teammates will ensure the whole team is on the same page.

Opportunity for family sharing – White water rafting is one adventure you can take part in with your family, enabling all members of the family unit to bond. Without modern distractions such as work or technology, families can finally have the time to engage in conversation while overcoming a challenge.

White water rafting leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment and an increased sense of confidence. Depending on the difficulty of the river, the task may seem intimidating at first, but once you complete it, the feeling of achievement runs rapid in your veins, giving you the confidence to overcome many other challenges. 

Rafting can be seen as therapeutic in the way that it’s a rigorous sport with minimal risk of injury or harm. By secluding yourself from modern worries, you become one with yourself and your team in the boundless territory of mother nature.


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