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The Rules That You Have To Know As A Muay Thai Fighter

Muay Thai boxing is one of the most physical types of martial arts there is. It emphasizes a lot on both offense and defense as well as on stamina. It is also a type of martial art that anyone can learn and it is also one that can be applicable in real fights.

Basically, Muay Thai can be learned by men, women, children, and even old people. And, because there is a growing interest in Muay Thai boxing, you will find that martial arts school from different parts of the country or even the world is now putting up gyms dedicated to teach Muay Thai boxing.

Now, in order for you to learn Muay Thai and be good at it, you have to know the basics of the martial art.

So, here are the rules that you have to remember in Muay Thai fights.

First of all, Muay Thai is fought in five rounds with each round lasting three minutes. In between the rounds, the fighters will be allowed to have two minute breaks. Before the fight, the fighters will perform the Wai Khru dance. This dance is to pay homage to his or her teachers and it is also a great warm up exercise that can get the fighter’s muscles stretched and be ready for the fight.

You will also notice that the fighters wear a headband and armbands. The headband is basically called the mongkhol and because it has been blessed by a monk or the boxer’s teacher, it is believed that this provides luck to the fighter. And, because the headband symbolizes luck and as a spiritual object, it is removed after the Wai Khru dance and it is only removed by the boxer’s trainer.

The armbands are believed to offer protection to the boxer, which is why they are only removed after the fight.

The match is decided by points and by a knockout. There will be 3 judges who decide which fighter carries the round and who wins the most round and who eventually wins the fight. There will also be a referee present inside the ring and they are very important because the boxer’s safety will depend on his decision.

In one side of the ring, you will find the band section. The band will be comprised of a Javanese clarinet, cymbals, and drums. They play traditional music from the homage dance to the conclusion of the fight. You will find that the tempo of the music goes up as the action inside the ring intensifies.

Of course, the boxers should wear boxing gloves and head butting is not allowed, despite the fact that Muay Thai teacher this kind of technique before.

These are some of the rules that you need to know about Muay Thai. By knowing about the basic rules, you will be able to fully understand what Muay Thai boxing is all about and you will also be able to get ready to learn the art of Muay Thai boxing.


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