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Train Safe, Train Hard Start Today

Train Safe, Train Hard Start Today
06 Sep

Train Safe, Train Hard Start Today

Congratulations, you’ve made it through Mass Muscle Building In Minutes and learned some of the roughest and toughest bodybuilding methods ever developed. How do you feel? I bet once you put them to good use your physique will never be the same in all the best ways!

Before I leave you to your exciting HIT adventures, I just wanted to bounce three last important HIT rules off of you. Pay close attention, if you apply them right away you’re nearly guaranteed long lasting training success. Here they go…

Rule 1: Train Safe. Please repeat after me: “If I foolishly injure myself and can’t train, all my hard work could be for nothing!” It’s a seriously common problem for ego or machismo to kick in at the gym and the idea of training safely to be totally ignored. Some HIT trainers slide into this trap confusing recklessness for intensity. Don’t be one of them. Blowing out a knee, tearing a rotator cuff, straining a lower back and worse are all largely avoidable

if you are focused and serious while weight lifting. Make sure you warm up thoroughly, never go too heavy, always use a competent spotter and be sure any machine you use functions properly before you risk your safety training on it. Injuries occur even in the best of circumstances, but as smart athletes it is our job to reduce them to the minimum amount possible.

Rule 2: Train Hard. You are not doing HIT unless you are training as hard as you can imagine. As long as safety is never compromised we need to push the intensity element of our work out sessions to the limit. Once you have mastered the HIT principles in our guide do some exploring in the neighborhood of forced reps, negatives and rest / pauses. All advanced HIT techniques that can explode your training to an even more hard and intense level in the years to come. Think Nietzsche – “That which does not kill me only serves to make me stronger” or the HIT bodybuilder mantra – “Go hard or go home!”

Rule 3: Start Today. In the drive towards anything that really matters in life, including developing the powerful great looking body of your dreams, your number one enemy is procrastination! It’s all too easy to say “I’ll start tomorrow,” “I’ll start on Monday” or “I’ll start on the first of the month” which just sets you up to postpone pursuing your goals even longer when you put things off again. And again. The only solution is to smash through this tendency towards mediocrity and start today! Not tomorrow, next week or next year. Once the beast of procrastination is slain, literally anything is possible in life once you put your mind to. The formula for success: set smart goals and take immediate action. Judge results and repeat until goal is achieved. Then set targets on new bigger goals!

Are you ready to start living the high intensity training lifestyle? I hope so and I hope you like the awesome HIT tools I provided for you here in our guide. Stay in touch I’d love to hear feedback about how well your training is going!


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