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Weight Loss And Maintenance Basics :Your Weight And Emotions Basics

27 Mar

Weight Loss And Maintenance Basics :Your Weight And Emotions Basics














Your Weight And Emotions Basics

Believe it or not, your emotions play a vital role in your weight condition. Sometimes, depressed people prefer to eat more food to
relieve their discomfort feeling. Others also turn to food for comfort, especially when they are stressed and frustrated from their work. As a result, this action may lead to weight gain. It is said that the more you understand about how emotions affect your eating habits, the better prepared you will be to overcome some hindrances that occur to control your daily food consumption.

Emotional Eating Defined

Emotional eating refers to the act of eating to feel better. Most people see food as more than a source of body energy. Sometimes, they enjoy eating, especially during their leisure time. There is nothing wrong with this habit. However, you should always know your limitations when it comes to food intake.

People often eat to deal with their bad feelings. But, this habit may lead to severe eating disorders, depression, obesity and weight gain. If you don’t want to experience any health issues because of excessive intake of foods, you need to find ways of how to solve this problem.

Tips on How to Fight Emotional Eating

Some people find it hard to handle their emotions and eating habits. If you are one of them, you should always know the different strategies to manage your weight. For your guide, here they are:

• Rate Your Hunger Level Before you start eating, rate your hungry level. From 1 to 10, ten scales are the highest and it means that you are full. If you realize that your hunger level is between 3 and 10, you need to avoid eating. You can only consume enough food if your hunger level is at 1 or 2 level.

• Deal with Other Comforting Activities Instead of eating more foods while your stressed, try to search for any alternative activities that can alleviate your present condition. The typical examples of these are listening to your favorite music, playing a musical instrument, chatting with your friends or going for a walk.

• Practice Daily Exercise It is undeniable that regular training can help in reducing weight. But, it can also help in dealing with anxiety and stress. Through daily exercise, you can prevent from over eating. Therefore, you can easily manage your emotions while developing your health condition.

• Use the Three Food Interference This scheme is done through eating three kinds of nutritious foods first before eating your favorite foods. The typical healthy foods are vegetables, yogurt, fruits and many more.

As you can see, there are several ways to manage your emotions. Whether you are depressed or suffering from any emotional issues, you don’t need to eat over and over again. Once you know how to handle your emotions, you are not tempted to eat more food.


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